A Guide to Buy Flowers Online

Do you want to send flowers by internet to a friend or a relative? Do you want to send flowers for a special occasion or simply want to send flowers to please someone? With just a few clicks, you can send a bouquet of flowers to the other end of England or abroad. Several sites offer this type of service. There is a wide range of bouquets to choose from. The order is easy (quickly confirmed by email) and the price range is quite large (even if the rates go up quickly). Delivery costs in London are around 10 GBP.

– How do these sites work? It is necessary to differentiate:

  • Sites that work with local florists who are partners of the brand (the florists) who take care of the bouquet and its delivery;
  • Sites that work with producers and have the bouquet delivered by a carrier.

The quality and freshness of the bouquet may depend on the florist who executes it.

– Choose the right florist.

Some websites offer the possibility to choose a local florist, who is often assigned the order via his own website. This option guarantees the customer that the bouquet will be made according to general standards.

-Choose the right flowers

Whatever the bouquet of flowers you wish to offer, a lot of online florists offers a wide variety of bouquets that will please both small and big occasions. Don’t hold back from offering beautiful flowers with intense colors. Whatever your desires, online florists will assist you in celebrating every special event thanks to their experts.

– Terms of delivery

Online florists like Moyses Stevens offer same day online flowers delivery for London clients and next day delivery for the UK, 7 days a week, even on Sundays, holidays, and public holidays all over the UK. Deliveries in the UK, including overseas, are guaranteed within a minimum of 4 working hours. Regarding foreign destinations, the minimum delivery time is indicated to the buyer during the order process. It is possible to choose a different delivery date. In case of absence at the time of delivery: the florist leaves a notice indicating where to pick up the bouquet (quickly).

Make the purchase

Most well-known florists offer international payment services. You can safely and directly pay for your order on their website by credit card, Cash Transfer, PayPal, or by Bank Transfer, depending on the store. Online payment by credit card is very safe and they accept payments in multiple currencies (pounds, euros, and dollars…).

As soon as your payment is confirmed, your invoice will be sent to your email. You will be able to find all the information you need in your customer area. Afterward, an email will notify you about the progress of your order and an SMS will be sent to you to confirm that your delivery of fresh flowers has been brought to the indicated address.

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