What are Inorganic Pigments? Great Advantages of Inorganic Pigments

When you walk into any space, a restaurant, pharmacy, or a supermarket, you definitely get awed by the beautiful and vibrant colors which are play in them. Shop for any cosmetic, medicine or food, colors have always proven to create psychological impact on your minds and influences your decision. When it comes to coloring compounds, normally there are 2 types of pigments; inorganic and organic pigments. But, one of the most important question is, which is better? Well, when you need to judge in terms of coloring compounds, choosing inorganic pigments is far better than others.

The main reason why inorganic pigments are most popular in demand is for the reason that they are made using oxides and sulphides and even have some important mineral compounds. Apart from the perfect composition of colors, inorganic pigments help in keeping the stability of color perfectly at every stage, especially if they are bought by Neelikon, the largest exporter of inorganic pigments all over the world.

Given below are various other advantages of inorganic pigments:

  • No abrasion: There is a general tendency of pigmented colors to be highly prone to abrasion and less rigid to molecules. But, inorganic pigments are very different. They have a unique abrasion capability of resistance that makes them more demandable in today’s market. Inorganic pigments are even known to increase the molecules’ rigidity and rash inhibition as well. This makes them opaque too. This works great, as it helps the prevention of light from entering several objects.
  • Cheaper when compared other pigments: When you compare the rates of pigments from reputed color manufacturers like Neelikon, you will find out that the inorganic pigments are much cheaper as compared to other pigments. Though inorganic pigments have numerous benefits, and are also used in every industry almost, their prices are something noteworthy definitely. If you compare the manufacturing of inorganic pigments, they not only take less time but there overall cost is quite low. The reason that they are less costly is that they are derived from various natural sources of many minerals.
  • More durable: The biggest disadvantage of pigmented colors is their lack of ability to hold colors for a longer duration. However, inorganic pigments are popularly known for holding their color stability. If you consider the cosmetic pigments, you would understand that pigments are quite durable. Therefore, when you buy inorganic pigments from Neelikon, the largest supplier of pigments in India, you can be fully assured of its durability.
  • Superb ability to withstand all external elements: One of the crucial elements to choose any pigment is their ability to bear sunlight exposure and chemicals. When you use inorganic pigments, you can be sure that they can easily withstand all these. The mineral compounds’ presence makes them anti to chemicals and sunlight.

If you are looking for the biggest and most reputed supplier of lakes for pharmaceutical colours as well as exporter of inorganic pigments, contact Neelikon Colours Global, as their motto is “One World One Quality”. They are one of the top three producers globally for cosmetic pigments, food colors, and fluorescent dyes.

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