Love, Fear as well as your Health

We sometimes get so swept up when it comes to everyone around you that we have a tendency to forget some simple facts. “Scientific” research is always mentioning methods to treat one condition or another. Other “scientific” studies inform us what’s harmful to our health. Yet with time, individuals “scientific” research is frequently proven to possess been somewhat errant in both their results, their assumptions or their methods. We even discover that some “scientific” research is even made to scare us into buying in a mindset of fear, sickness and disease which will make us timid, fearful consumers of medication, treatments as well as other protections. In my experience, this really is appalling.

Like a former American President once stated “All we must fear is fear itself.” Nothing may well be more accurate. consider fear as it were. When you are scared, where do you turn? You contract right into a defensive posture. Whenever you remain in a contracted condition, you feel stiff, inflexible. With time, you will not be able to respond to life’s situations appropriately. Accrued inappropriate responses causes the body as well as your existence to interrupt lower. Eventually, things begin to break apart. Finally, you succumb to some duration of fearful reactions. Disease and dying overtake you. Quite simply, you might live a lengthy time, however, you don’t really “live”. Rather, you die just a little every single day more than a lifetime. Miserable. Frightening.

Let us consider the other finish from the spectrum, love or belief. What goes on whenever you love? You open you to ultimately an enormous amount of chance and pleasure and experience. You grow. You feel flexible and adaptable to life’s situations and challenges. There is a passage within the Bible that states “Perfect love casts out fear.” So when you choose to consider what’s good inside your existence, the body as well as your relationships, you start to reside expansively. Life’s challenges become possibilities. Rather of considering dying ad disease, your focus is on existence and wholeness and health and happiness. True “science” has proven that stress (or fear) causes cardiovascular disease, cancer, strokes, ulcers and chronic and autoimmune disease. Think about, “What can the alternative cause?” The solution, obviously, is health, wellness, wholeness, happiness and pleasure.

Existence isn’t necessarily easy. And, you can’t really be pleased with every outcome. But, Let me tell you that if you value existence, existence will like you back. Open you to ultimately everything existence provides. Look with suspicion at anybody who attempts to sell yourself on fear. Always question their motives as well as their methods. Ponder the magnificence and perfection of Nature and try to doubt that anybody could enhance its Design. So when you need to do, you will find that perfect love casts out fear.

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