Rat Flaps: What It Does And Why It’s The Ultimate Rat Deterrent

During the pandemic, the number of rats has gone up like crazy. The idea of rats crawling up from the sewers and nibbling their way into our houses is likely to make most people shiver. The simplest method to avoid a rat infestation is to prevent rats from entering your house in the first place.

Drains and sewers, as you may be aware, are plagued with these pests. Aside from that, they may chew through cables and electrical systems, as well as inflict irreversible damage to drainage lines. To begin, as mentioned before, the easiest way to deal with the problem is to restrict their access to the house. Fixing a 4-inch rat blocker to the drainage pipes is one efficient and cost-effective way to achieve this.

What It’s About And Why It’s Needed

Let’s understand what a rat flap is all about and why it’s needed now more than ever, amid a global pandemic.

Rat flaps for drains are simply a steel cylinder that is designed to fit over the pipe ends, drains, and gutters to prevent blockages. A flap is located within this cylinder. This flap is attached to a hinge that permits it to only open in one direction.

Rat flaps were found to be extremely successful in a survey because they fully prevent rats from entering drainage pipes.

One of the best advantages of installing the rat flap is that it will typically remain closed, but will open if there is any movement of water. You won’t have to worry about it clogging the pipe because they’re solely designed to keep out rats, not sewage. Rat flaps feature a non-return valve that enables waste and water to flow freely from the inside, eliminating the possibility of a blockage.

Thus, while water and sewage are allowed to drain out from the building, any movement from the other side is not at all possible.  In this way, they help to get rid of rats that were already inside the house. Once the rat leaves, it can’t go back the way it came.

These flaps are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to simply install them depending on the size of your pipe; nevertheless, it has been observed that most 4-inch rat blockers are installed.

The main advantage of this rat blocker is that once it is installed in all drainage and sewage pipe segments, the upstream branches are protected.

You can buy rat blockers whenever you want; they’re easily accessible in most retail places and may even be ordered online.

Rat blockers are already widely used throughout the rest of Europe and have proven to be extremely effective. Until recently, there was no legislation in the UK to deal with rodents. Blocks and flaps are now legally required, providing another incentive for homeowners to consider installing 4 inch rat blocker.

Rat flaps for drains have proven effective for a large number of homes in the U.K. and across the world that have been plagued by rat infestations. Rat flaps or rat blockers are one of the most effective, economical, humane, and environmentally friendly solutions to rat issues as they successfully prevent their access through drains.

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