The Six Benefits of Hiring A Party Planner

If you’re lucky enough to have a sizeable budget that allows you to hire a party planner, you’re in line to throwing an incredible party. Some of the many jobs of a party planner consist of creating themes, schedules, to-do lists, invitations, sorting out decorations, catering and entertainment. An important part of their job description is to also make sure the event goes smoothly on the night by coordinating and executing the party. If you’re considering hiring a party planner or you’re interested in the event planning profession, continue reading for some of the benefits of doing so.

Bring your vision to life 

By the time you are ready to host a party, you might have hundreds of saved pins on Pinterest or an amazing mood board consisting of almost every theme possible. But the party can only consist of one theme, one colour scheme and one venue. One benefit of hiring a party planner is that they bring your vision to life. Having a vision is one thing but being able to create a mission and implement it is another. After plenty of training from the right people and countless planning experiences, party planners are exceptional in listening to client’s ideas while making suggestions of how to categorise what it is you actually want.

Less stress for you

Alongside being able to bring your ideas to life, party planners have many exceptional event planning skills. Some of these include organizational skills, great communication and networking skills, fabulous customer service, multitasking, problem solving and skills in negotiation and budgeting. Each of these skills are benefits in themselves, but what’s more, having a party planner means there will be less stress for you in the lead up to your party and on the night. A great night requires perfect organization which is the right reason to hire a planner. Their attention to detail and strict organizational skills will make your party the success it deserves to be. Share your creativity with them and let them take on all your stress and worries so you can enjoy the planning process.

Learned from previous mistakes 

Party planners do an excellent job of making sure that everything from planning to executing the event goes smoothly. They do an extra good job at this because they have learned from past mistakes and know what to avoid and expect. Mistakes must happen in order to learn from them and high-profile event planning is no exception. As minor as a mistake may be, it might still ruin your event and disappoint your guests as a result. To avoid this, work with your party planner and let them know your worries and stresses about your big night. It also might be useful to create some back-up plans for the event, so you have a quick fix on the night. Make time to double-check all the details too.

Executing a great event or party is about preserving that mutual trust with your planner and understand that they take pride in their career. They only want the best for you, so choose the right person and develop that relationship to make sure your night goes as well as you’d want it too.

Will help pick the perfect venue

Party planners are exceptional in helping you choose the perfect venue for your event. They will choose multiple venues and provide a list suited to your theme if you have one, and then help you narrow down. There are positives in doing this as they have done it many times before and know what to expect from a venue. They do well at sticking to your budget and can even negotiate with venue owners to get you the best deal. The only information you need to provide is your guest list, an idea of a theme and realistically how much you’d like to spend on your venue alone. From this, they will explore the options available for your chosen date and make the most out of your budget.

Great contacts 

The events sector is huge, and thanks to their amazing networking skills, party planners have great access to information and contacts. Choosing a party planner to help build your dream event will only give you access to the best caterers, entertainers, and much more. You might even get a great deal. Because planning and hiring is a party planner’s job, they develop lists of contacts along the way and even become good friends with different sectors of business. Hiring a party planner can also be advantageous if they provide a bundle deal or a larger discount. Sometimes, planners can offer exclusive discounts by partnering up with other brands in the events sector such as caterers and entertainers which will allow them to offer a one-price service which should be appealing if you don’t have strict catering or entertainment rules. Before the planning begins during the early hiring process, make sure the planner knows exactly what you’re looking for in order to prevent delay in planning.

Let’s you focus on having fun 

When you plan a party or event yourself, it’s not often that you actually have time to enjoy the night. Because party planners organise the event and remain responsible to execute it, you can still have fun and enjoy yourself – which is exactly what you want! You’ll still be putting the work in and experiencing some stress throughout the planning process which only adds to the need for relaxation on the big night. Making the planner fully aware of what you want will ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Whilst the process of event planning might be satisfying for you, there is no point in organising all of it to end up stressing in a toilet cubicle during the event.

Final thoughts 

Do what’s best for you and your guests and invest in a party planner. Put your trust into them and they will help you create the best event possible and it’ll certainly be one to remember.

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