What Are the Benefits of Having A Virtual Receptionist

Are you taking many phone calls for your startup company, and you are looking for a receptionist? The business culture is changing continuously from what it was a decade ago.

Technology is changing fast, and people look forward to cost-effective methods. Further, hiring many employees in a startup is not possible. The best solution is to employ a virtual receptionist for managing all business calls.

Hire a virtual receptionist from Conversational for answering all crucial calls. Further, have the receptionist according to the company budgets. They provide a live call answering feature along with a personalized call option whenever needed.

Benefits of Having A Virtual Receptionist

·        Saving money for the company

The cost of a full-time receptionist is $28,000, but the virtual reception turns to be cost-effective. Likewise, they work from various locations, and you can pay less for all their services.

·        No need for automated message systems

Customers love it when they get fantastic customer service. When there is access to 24/7 reception, there is no requirement for the automated messages again. The customers love it when they get real people to talk to. Whether it’s 3 am to 3 pm, the reception will be there.

·        Serving more customers in a day

You can easily customize the hours or days of work of the virtual receptionist. Secondly, they can handle more customers in a single day. They don’t have fixed work timings. They are available even after regular business hours.

·        No training costs on them

With the call centers, there are no training expenses involved. The call centers train all the employees to save much time and resources.


With the virtual receptionist, there is no problem with vacations as well. Whenever one is unavailable, there is another one to fill the position. They can also work outside the call centers to handle the phone calls.

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