All You Should Know About Blocked Drains


Chobham blocked drains are relatively inconvenient as it causes the water and other disgusting matter to overflow. It causes damage to the floor and the property. Moreover, it causes a blockage of water in that area. But how is it caused? How do you know if it has blocked the drain lining? Well. Let us understand everything about the blocked drains in this blog post.

Causes Of Blocked Drains

Several reasons cater to the causes of blocked drains. Toilets generally get clogged when it is not flushed properly. It is usually due to various products related to feminine hygiene or other products.

The kitchen is also the most vulnerable part of the home. The drains in the kitchenette get blocked due to the grease and fat buildup. It is not advisable to pour the fat and grease when hot. It is because it hardens and generates a concrete layer when cooled. It makes it difficult for the water to drain down the sink. In cities, it creates a vast accumulation of fats in the underground sewage system. It is relatively common in the areas of large takeaway concentration and can cause significant issues to our health.

Chobham blocked drains in the outdoors may often result from the accumulation of leaves and dirt. Trees are also the primary cause as the roots grow inside the drainage sewer and cause obstructions. It prohibits the flow of water, thereby causing the drains to get blocked. The tree roots break and collapse in the sewer by accumulating around them.

How To Know If Your Drain Is Blocked?

Look For The Following To Know If Your Drain Is Blocked:

·  Unpleasant Smell

When there is a blockage in the drainage system, a foul smell is emitted from it. Usually, an unpleasant smell is the symbol of blocked drains in the drain lining. Thus, it is a warning signal that the drains are getting blocked, and you need to get them cleaned as soon as possible.

·   Sounds

Another tip to know that your drain is blocked is the gurgling sound emitted by the drains and pipes. The sound helps us to identify the blockage in the system. Hence, it requires the maintenance of the drainage system.

·   Water Getting Clogged

If your drainage system gets blocked, the water will take more time to drain. It is usually prominent in baths, sinks, toilets, and showers. In the worst-case scenario, the water does not get drained at all. Furthermore, you may experience the issue of rising the water level in one area when the other area is in use. For instance, the rise in the water level in the shower when you use flush in the toilet.


Several methods are used to unclog the drains in the sink, bath, toilet, and shower. You can use plungers or handheld jet pumps to loosen the blockage. However, it is a temporary remedy. Alternatively, you can take the help of blocked drainage contractors to unclog the drains in your household.

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