Evaluate your SEO Company – UK Small Business Steps to Follow

You may be in a space where you know SEO is important, and you’ve taken steps to address it within your own company. You hired an SEO team to handle things for you that you thought would be able to help you out. Yet you’re still not seeing the results you’d hoped to. How do you know if your SEO company is actually helping your digital marketing efforts? Follow these key steps to learn more.

Step 1 – Check to See If They’ve Audited Your Site

They had experience in your industry – it’s the one reason you hired your SEO company. UK businesses like yours have unique needs, so you want to be sure they’re using the industry experience they said they had to make sure you’re getting results. None of that can happen without an audit, though. Unfamiliar with an SEO audit? It’s just a process of showing both whether your site has the right message for your potential customers, whether you have a solid call to action in place, and whether your architecture and linking structure are actually helping customers. Experienced teams look at what makes you different, then use that information to help increase your traffic. Typically, they’ll audit your site with a number of different tools, and they should send both their results, and what it means, to you. If you haven’t gotten any of that information, you’ll want to ask for it. If they can’t provide it at all, it may mean your SEO company really isn’t working as hard for you as they should be.

Step 2 – Check to See if They Have a Clear Strategy in Place

The right UK SEO company should easily be able to explain their strategy for your company. More than that, though, they should be able to explain it in fairly simple terms, ones you can easily understand. If the strategy is so overcomplicated that you’re having some trouble understanding it, or they’re having a tough time explaining it, you may not be getting the services you were initially promised. Keep in mind that it’s a huge red flag if an SEO company tells you that they can’t disclose exactly what they’re doing because it’s confidential.

Not only should you know the methods, you should also know the plan going forward. You should be able to find out how often they’re updating content, submitting guest blogs, or forming new links to your website. You should know whether it’s working thanks to clear, regular reports from your team on what they’ve done and how it’s increased the traffic to your site.

Step 3 – Check to See if Your Metrics Have Changed

There’s a simple way to see if you’re getting what you expected out of your SEO company. UK businesses like yours can track their own traffic through your Google Analytics dashboard, and if you’re not seeing an increase in traffic over the past few months, it’s possible that you’re not getting the help you need from an SEO company. Keep in mind that traffic doesn’t actually affect your ranking, but the more traffic you’re seeing, the better the overall results in your own SEO efforts are going to be. More than that, though, website traffic can affect your click through rate, and that does actually affect your site’s overall ranking. It’s one of the key factors you’ll see in your Google Analytics dashboard, and if it hasn’t changed, you need to touch base with your SEO company.

Lots of UK companies like yours place their trust in SEO companies, but that’s not always well placed trust. After all, it’s possible they’re not doing the work they said they would or they’re doing incredibly poor SEO work that could ultimately harm your site. If you suspect your SEO company isn’t working as hard as it should be for you, you’ll want to double check using these methods. The last thing you want is to invest time, effort, and money into a digital marketing plan that isn’t really helping you attract as many customers as it should be. Check up on  your SEO company and make sure they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to.

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