Office Management: Why Natural Ventilation is Superior to Air Conditioning

When it comes to general business and office management, the quality of the air around the office typically is not very high on the priority list. However, there are quite a few advantages to understanding how to keep the staff comfortable, and it is not necessarily just through air conditioning. The idea of comfort — especially in ideal weather conditions — means cycling clean air around an office.

While there are undoubtedly plenty of other things to consider when it comes to business management, making use of electric window openers is not just easy and convenient, but it is also reasonably priced. Here are just a few reasons why taking steps toward natural ventilation is often superior to forced air conditioning.

The most popular modes of natural ventilation are easy to install and maintain

One of the reasons why air conditioning is not always the answer is the fact that some of the more popular means of fully utilising air ventilation are quite easy to install and maintain. The aforementioned electric window openers provide an easy method to let in more of the fresh air outside through the use of window controls. It allows business owners to set up windows in hard to reach areas, as the use of controls makes it much easier to manage. While it might not necessarily cool the office as air conditioning does, it pays to let the air circulate around the office.

It makes a difference during worst-case scenarios

One of the potential disasters business owners have to watch for is a fire in the office space. In situations where fire engulfs an office building, it is not necessarily the fire itself that is the cause of potential death, but the inhalation of smoke. Installing windows in strategic areas, and providing a convenient means of operating them can reduce much of the threat that comes from building fires. It would still be a good idea to utilise air conditioning to keep employees comfortable, but the ability to ventilate the air around an office has layer upon layer of potential benefit.

It helps remove potential impurities in the air

The trouble that comes with forced air conditioning is that given enough time, the air becomes stagnant and unhealthy. If no-one takes the time to open the windows and let the air circulate now and again, it can be much easier for employees to catch a variety of illnesses. The reason why office plants are in such high demand is that they improve the air quality around the office — but there would be no need for such measures if the business owner provides options for natural air ventilation around the workplace.

While it does not necessarily mean that air conditioning should not be used, there is no denying that natural ventilation prioritises the health of your staff while simultaneously offering a wider range of options for those who work in a stuffy office. There is no need to worry about mould or stagnant air when natural ventilation solutions are in place.


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