How to Familiarise Kids to Alphabet ABC’s

Learning alphabets forms the foundation of a spoken language that gives us the advantage of understanding how letters and words are to be pronounced and spelt in that language. It is the first step of a child towards learning a new language. For any person, knowing the alphabets of a language is extremely crucial to be able to read and write in it. This holds good particularly for little ones, especially toddlers. Parents and teachers can therefore introduce children to learn alphabets by incorporating alphabet worksheets or even alphabet coloring pages for their better understanding.

Learning alphabets are a top priority in the life of every child who wants to learn a new language. It helps them both in verbal and written communication. Every individual needs to learn alphabets initially to be able to convey their thoughts effectively. Although most children start getting acquainted with learning new letters and building their language skills only when they start going to school. Hence, it is of utmost importance for parents to introduce toddlers with alphabets, letters and sounds at the earliest. Kids can be made to practice from St. Patrick’s Day printables available across the web to introduce them to various letters, coloring worksheets, numbers, alphabets, etc.

In this article, we bring you a few steps on how to acquaint young ones to learn new alphabets and make them recognize letters and relate to the sounds and words created using those letters. Let’s begin.

3 Steps to Familiarise Kids to Alphabet ABC’s

  • Introduce your toddler to learn one letter each day

To begin with, parents can engage their children to learn one alphabet at a time. They should closely observe their child engage themselves in learning the alphabet with ease and understanding. Parents and teachers should show certain logos or symbols or even shapes of things to help kids identify the alphabet with which the word begins.

  • Begin with simple examples

To acquaint kids with learning new alphabets, you should use easy-to-understand examples. Don’t burden children to learn 26 letters all at once. Help them to learn and identify alphabets by making them practice from alphabet coloring pages, letters worksheets or even St. Patrick’s Day printables including coloring exercises of alphabets. Such crafts may help to a great extent in reinforcing your child’s knowledge of letters.

  • Teach them to read and write their own name using alphabets

Parents should encourage toddlers to identify the letters of their own names so that they can read and spell them aloud. Making kids identify the letters of their name can be done by showing them the name of different products which begin with their name. In addition to this, you can help kids to pronounce it correctly and identify products beginning with a particular alphabet. This will help them to learn alphabets better.

Hence, toddlers should be introduced to letters and alphabets by parents even before they are enrolled in schools. The correct approach is to teach letters to toddlers using alphabet coloring pages or practice alphabet worksheets to teach them the first letters of a language. In kids learning, toddlers before the age of three should be introduced to alphabets ABCs. Learning the alphabet at a tender age will help the toddler to read and write in the language from a young age. Alphabets are, thus, a crucial step in the process of kids learning.

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