Sustainable Passion Projects Worth Trying

A passion project is a body of work that a person gets immersed in out of love, enjoyment and beauty. Earning money from it is the least priority. Instead, it is a tangible work output that stems from sheer love and care for the environment. For those who embrace the eco-shift lifestyle, these passion projects or eco-hobbies are activities that might capture your interest and indeed make a significant impact on nature.


Upcycling is reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded or thrown away. This activity is prevalent in the sustainable community as the lifestyle calls for not purchasing new items but relies heavily on repair, saving and reusing. Upcycling can convert objects like old coins, buttons, scrap metals to accessories, pieces of jewellery, knick-knacks and whatnot. Upcycled finished products are frequently passed down as gifts to highlight sustainable living.

Organic Gardening

Gardening makes the person following a sustainable lifestyle self-reliant and independent. It sparks fun and camaraderie in the community as well. Starting your organic garden may also encourage recycling. Compost materials may be in the form of left-over waste from your home. Empty containers are used as pots or a makeshift irrigation system for the garden.

Lobbying for environmental concerns and issues

Lobbying is probably one of the most impactful passion projects for a sustainable lifestyle. Seeking influence from public officials will indeed create a dent in your cause. It is a daunting task because it requires persistence, but it is gratifying. With the help of non-profit organizations and private companies, they can back you up by insisting that the government adopt laws protecting the environment. For example, paperless transactions have been in the works for years now through lobbying. Likewise, the renewable energy source initiative has been the by-product of the collaboration of politicians and groups.

Experts on solar panels in Cheshire can provide increased awareness on solar power. In addition, the company can give myriad information on technical installation and the long-term benefits of solar power utilization. Advocacy paired with lobbying has come a long way in positively impacting environmental issues such as paperless transactions, biodegradable material usage for restaurant packaging and alternative energy source.


Cycling promotes good physical health and a stable mental state. It encourages a minimal carbon footprint. Cycling only accounts for more or less 20 grams of carbon emissions per kilometre. It is ten times less than riding your car. This outdoor hobby may be done alone or with your family. It can be converted into a means of transport going to work or running an errand. It supports a sustainable way of life.

Pickling and vegan cooking

Pickling is the process of preserving food by using acidic solutions such as vinegar. The preservation method is to extend the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables from your organic garden.

Pickling and vegan cooking is a vast-spread passion project in the sustainable community. Eating and sharing a meal with ingredients found in your backyard is the backbone of sustainable living. It fosters quality time at home, promotes overall well-being and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/upcycling-tree-crochet-art-1731003/

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