How to Maintain a Garden When You Have No Time

Almost every homeowner wants a garden. The problem is, maintenance of a garden is quite time-consuming. However,  does that mean that if you do not have time then you cannot have a garden at your home? No, it’s not that! There are simple ways by following which it is possible for you to have a great garden, even though you do not have time.

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Chalk out things first

First thing first! You need to decide what are those things that require regular maintenance and much time? Watering the plant beds is an issue. You have to do that regularly so that they do not get dry. Next issue is to prevent growth of weeds. If there are weeds then they take away all the nutrients of the soil and your plants will get very less. They will not grow properly. Thus, weeding is very important and it takes time.

You can save your efforts of weeding and watering twice daily by installing fake grass at your garden. They will look like real grass but you do not have to take the pain of removing weeds as they cannot grow in artificial grass. 

Choose plants wisely

There are plants that require high maintenance while there are some that can live on low maintenance. If you do not have time you need to choose the latter. You can plant hardy perennial as they do not need watering every day. They can handle tough climates. There are certain leafy greens that have self-sow seeds. Thus, you do not have to give time for raising seedlings. If you plant edibles that are pest resistant you can again save time as they will not require time for managing them. 

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Feed your soil

Whenever you take out time for your garden remember to make food for the soil of the garden and not the plants. They may change but if you have healthy soil all the plants will get the nutrient required from the soil. You can use mulches, compost, and green manures that will break down in the soil and make it rich. Once the soil is rich any plant can take its nutrients from the soil. 

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