Mind Technology – Technology versus Nature

Over the long haul technology has assisted man with moving his actual body and things increasingly fast and to an ever increasing number of spots he was unable to go previously.

Presently technology can assist with monitoring move his psyche quicker and to additional spots similarly. This technology is Brain Technology.

Mind technology is created from different technologies whereupon it depends on and which makes this conceivable. Technology like power, electronic sound and PC.

What was once finished at ordinary speed in the customary manner can now be advanced to hyper speeds with technology. It is like having the option to go in a supersonic stream when you once needed to walk.

Certain individuals think it is ideal to do things the normal way than to depend on technology. However, could you need to stroll starting with one finish of the Earth then onto the next when you could fly there in a supersonic stream? You wouldn’t actually consider doing that!

It is feasible to stroll from one finish of the Earth to the next however, since everything land is associated with one another from the North pole. The Earth is really one level land parcel folded over a circle and not independent pieces across the globe. Yet, without technology, we can’t go to the most profound pieces of the sea or even to the moon.

The second technology is created, we got to utilize it. We either progress or relapse. We never stop. Headway of technology is the consequence of progression in information. Having an impact on the manner in which we get things done by adjusting technology is the normal approach to advancing our lives.

Obviously, in light of the fact that we have a supersonic stream, a vehicle or even a mechanized wheelchair to utilize doesn’t mean we don’t prepare our capacity to walk any longer. We actually use what is regular yet we consolidate the utilization of technology also. So the most effective way to live is to utilize both nature and technology. We ought to never allow technology to overwhelm our inherent capacities yet we ought to utilize it to improve them.

Technology is the regular aftereffect of man’s capacity to think. So technology is quite of nature. Technology and nature are one. The main contrast between what is normal and unnatural is its utilization. Indeed, even things in nature can be utilized in unnatural ways.

Man has utilized the force of the psyche to foster technology. Thusly man can utilize the force of technology to foster the brain. Mind creates technology to foster psyche. At this age, humankind’s advancement will speed up much like never before previously.

A man was found to have essentially no mind by any stretch of the imagination. His head was greater than ordinary size yet his cerebrum had contracted to short of what one millimeter of cerebral tissue covering the highest point of his spinal segment. The understudy was experiencing hydrocephalus, the condition in which the cerebrospinal liquid, rather than flowing around the cerebrum and entering the circulation system, becomes dammed up inside subsequently crushing the mind. His head was essentially loaded up with liquid.

The 26 year old understudy (1976) at the College of Sheffield in the Unified Realm had strolled into the college specialist’s office with grievances of a virus. Some way or another however, he had carried on with an entirely typical life. He had no indications of any psychological lack, had an intelligence level of 126 and a distinctions degree in math!

The mind is really a collector and not the complete distribution center putting away our cognizance. The cerebrum is basically an instrument for the brain to speak with the body. Be that as it may, the psyche isn’t restricted by the mind. It might speak with the body straightforwardly through nonlocal implies.

You are not tissue. You are an energy being utilizing an actual body to decipher and investigate this reality. Concentrating on issue according to the viewpoint of energy assists you with understanding and work with it far superior.

Mind technology goes past the cerebrum. It help with releasing the paranormal powers of the brain. With it, you can think at the press of a button, increment psychological wellness, open up the intuition and level up your mystic skills.

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