Reviewing Fashion In 70s: The Amazing Fun Decade!

In recent years, the interest in retro & vintage fashion has increase considerably. More people are keen on trying what can be called ‘blast from the past’, and many designers are already feeling inspired time and again. There are websites that sell 1970s clothing at the right price, which are real & OG pieces available in different sizes. Before you go ahead and start shopping, here are the top trends from 70s worth marveling at.

Men’s fashion explained

When it comes to men’s fashion, the early years were all about bright colors and textures. The shirts were largely over the top, and the bell bottoms made a serious statement. Men loved the idea of pleated pants, and sweaters that were oversized became a norm. In terms of shoes, men during 70s had a lot to do with Oxford shoes in particular.

During the mid-70s, men wore a lot of suits, which were slimmer in terms of cut, and the waists were smaller. The straight leg was also a hit for a while. Flannel shirts continued to rule this part of decade, as well, and more of leather jackets were seen. In the last leg of 70s and early 80s, men went for sportswear, so the tracksuit became a huge thing, and cardigans and sweaters were all loose and baggy. Tucking the T-shirt wasn’t a big deal then!

Women’s fashion explained

So, what was popular in 70s clothes for women? One of the big trends of the decade were the emergence of hippie dresses and shift dresses. Dresses weren’t extremely short, and maxi dresses were appreciated. Bell bottom pants, of course, also ruled the decade, and denims were flared. Wide-legged pants made a comeback recently in the fashion arena in a big way.

Women in 70s were also wearing a lot of jumpsuits, and pantsuits were a thing in formal fashion, especially when teamed to neat blazers. Layering was also as popular, and in terms of accessories, women during this time also reinvigorated their interest in 1920s jewelry. Dresses with bright prints could be seen everywhere.

Final word

There’s no denying that fashion was more outrageous in 80s, but 70s had some picks that became fashion staples over the years. Check online stores that stock vintage styles and products from the 70s¸ and you may end up buying more than you think, considering most of these are now trends worth the keeps!

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