The Bitcoin mining game has changed

ASCI or application-specific integrated circuit machines arrived in the Bitcoin mining market. The first machine arrived at the house of a minor at the end of January and since the reports were runoff in ASCI machines shipped, finding their way in the Bitcoin mineral industries.

Since ASCI machines are specifically designed for Bitcoin mines task, these are very effective machines for what they are designed to do. Upscale ASCI machines have a hash rate per second of more than 1 million. CPU Type Bitcoin Mining Software has a 1.5 second hash rate.

Needless to say, sending ASCI machines has been a game changer in the world of Bitcoin. The processors are no longer supported by the Bitcoin mining software, because a CPU running 24 hours a day would probably not see a bitcoin for several years, even if it was a mining in a swimming pool.

This trend promotes persons interested in mines that also occur thousands of dollars for use on expensive equipment, as well as first adopters of Bitcoin extraction that have probably made a heavy profit from their anticipated mining efforts. These first profits could be deployed in the latest and the largest configuration of equipment and platform to continue generating bitcoins in the future.

These minors who perform relatively powerful GPUs are struck for the worst by the development of the ASCI. The difficulty of successfully exploiting a Bitcoin block has increased at a level that can make the cost of electricity outweigh the payment of a GPU minor will see Bitcoin from year to year.

All these speculations are strongly linked to the stability of the price of Bitcoin in the future. If Bitcoin remains around the current level of USD, innovation will continue to progress. Partially contributed to the rally that Bitcoin saw in the last 2 months. The exchange rate of the USD for Bitcoin has increased by USD 10 to USD. It’s hard to find an investment with this type of return anywhere on the planet, so it is natural for Bitcoin to attract the attention of the last days. But will this attention last? And if so, will it bring more control and volatility than stability on the young digital currency? In the long run, relative stability is one of the treatments that Bitcoin must establish whether to fulfill the initial goal of being a viable and competitive currency on a global scale.

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