Ultimate Buying Guide| Picking the Right Champagne

Champagne is the drink of choice for any truly monumental event, whether a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a christening. We all like to relax with a glass or two of champagne, but most don’t know much about the classic sparkling wine. Is this something you’ve encountered before? Relax, we got you.

Here’s a brief rundown on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne for your upcoming celebration, whether you’re a sparkling wine novice or have trouble distinguishing a brutal coup from a flute.

Food Pairings

Champagne’s crisp acidity and lively character make it a versatile food pairing option. Each variety of champagne or sparkling wine pairs best with a different set of foods based on the grapes used in its production. Champagne from 100% white grapes pairs beautifully with shellfish, vegetarian cuisine, and creamy cheese. It’s possible to serve them as an appetizer before a meal as well.

Champagne from 100% black grapes pairs well with heartier fare like roasted turkey or duck. They are delicious by themselves or with pork tenderloin.

Grilled meats and veggies go well with a bottle of sparkling red champagne like Malbec or Shiraz. Champagnes like these are also a good match for fiery dishes. In contrast, sparkling rosé is quite adaptable, working well with various cuisines, from those made with garlic to Mexican fare and beyond.


Champagne is distinguished from other sparkling beverages in large part due to the extensive maturing process that is an essential part of its manufacturing. Champagne must generally be aged in the bottle for at least 15 months before being released to consumers.

On the other hand, the very best manufacturers allow their champagnes to mature for as long as ten years before they are released. When champagne is kept for a more extended period, the inherent acidity of the wine is brought into better balance, and the wine becomes smoother, resulting in more integrated flavors.


To avoid overspending, determine your champagne budget before buying champagne online or at a wine shop. The cost of champagne varies widely. A bottle of champagne can cost anywhere from $30 to $300, varying wildly by quality and brand. But your champagne selection will be limited by your financial means. Champagne from reputable companies is delicious, and it’s worth splurging on if you can afford it.


Champagne is an excellent choice for those who enjoy sparkling wines like sparkling rosé and sparkling chardonnay. This is a result of its exceptional quality as well as its delicious flavor. A significant difference can be made at an event simply by serving the finest champagne.

There is always champagne that is suitable for any occasion, whether you choose a rosé or a glass of red champagne, a blanc de blanc, or a blanc de noir champagne. Regardless of your option, you can never go wrong with champagne.

Mastering the guidelines mentioned above should make selecting the finest champagne much simpler. The champagne you choose should be delicious, appropriate for the occasion, and either go well with everything on the menu or at least some of the options.

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