The cities in the UK for Young Adults outside of London

As a young adult, deciding where to live is a huge choice, with elements like cost, employment possibilities, well-being, and entertainment frequently topping the list of considerations. But which cities have the most to offer younger generation? Is it time to contemplate relocating to the capital? 

Despite its bustle, Getamover claims that London is still the finest city to live and work in. Sure, the expense of living in London is exorbitant, but for a generation looking for life-changing experiences, it’s the place to be. But if the hectic capital is not your scene, there are plenty of other cities in the UK where you can find everything you need as a young adult.


Earning the top spot in our rankings, Glasgow is the place to go for young adults who want everything. There is no shortfall of events and concerts in this UNESCO City of Music, which was named in 2008. But it’s the cost of a house that will have youngsters singing a joyful song. A one-bed residence costs around £90K, which is much less than the national average.


A city that has made significant progress in recent years, Manchester is an interesting choice for those searching for the best UK cities to move for younger workers. Backed by a remarkable city-wide restoration mission,  Many sectors provide plenty of job prospects from the city to Salford Quays. If you don’t want to spend top dollar for a home, there are always the outskirts of Greater Manchester, which are still just a short distance from the city center but are considerably more inexpensive to purchase.



Edinburgh is yet another Scottish city that leads the pack for young professionals in the UK. The city not only features world-class dining, scenic lifestyle, and a vibrant nightlife, but it also has a population of 32.65% young adults. The city has a high mental wellness score and a cheap cost of living, making it an excellent alternative for people wishing to relocate to a place that offers both potential and affordability.


It was voted one of the greatest locations to live for young people in 2018 — variables such as the expense of gyms and foods were considered. The downtown area is quite modest in compared to other parts of the UK, making it simple to explore as a newcomer. Furthermore, Liverpool is notoriously difficult to leave once you’ve resided there – making it an excellent choice for young professionals.


Leeds has over 100 restaurants and bars to pick from, making it ideal for those who want to socialize or have a drink and relax.

There are now over 399,000 employment openings in the city, which can provide young people with a variety of options.


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