How to change motor oil on a truck?

It is critical to check and change your motor oil regularly to guarantee that your motor operates smoothly. Regularly changing motor oil not only improves performance and fuel efficiency but also extends the engine’s life and increases the vehicle’s market value. Motor oils are used to keep your engine clean, cool, and protected. They keep your engine lubricated. Any impurities in the engine circuit are also regularly released by engine oils. Find engine oil for the truck that improves performance and efficiency.

Before changing your oil, make sure your truck is running and that the oil is warm enough to collect all of the dirt particles. Also, make sure your vehicle is cold and level while checking the oil level.

These are the steps you must follow to change the motor oil on your truck.


Slide under the truck. Locate the oil pan and loosen the bolt at the bottom of the pan. Place your drain pan in front of the oil drain plug on the engine block. Allow the oil to drain by unscrewing the oil drain stopper.


Clean the bolt with a rag before reinstalling it with your fingers. Unscrew the oil filter to the right of the oil pan with the oil filter wrench. Place the container beneath the filter once more before completely screwing it out to catch any remaining oil.


Dispose of the old filter and the new filter can be screwed in place. Be sure that you have purchased the correct filter, as sizes will vary depending on the model and type of motor your truck has. Install the new filter after unscrewing the old one with an oil filter wrench. Take fresh oil and rub it around the rim of the filter. Hand tightens the filter. Then take the oil filter wrench and tighten another quarter turn.

Fill the oil

After moving from under the vehicle, unscrew the oil cap on the left side of the engine. Ensure that any debris that could fall into the oil is removed. Fill the truck with the recommended amount of oil. Make sure the oil drain plug is securely fastened, and use a funnel to avoid spills while pouring new oil into the oil tank. Close the hood of the vehicle and replace the oil cover.


Remove the pan from underneath your car and dump the spent oil into a sealed container to be disposed of in an oil recovery container at a recycling center. Note that it is illegal to pour used engine oil into drains. Ensure that used oil is properly disposed of.


Allow the oil to circulate through the engine for a few minutes. Check the oil level and, if necessary, top it up. Replace the oil filter cap, start the engine, and let it run for two minutes to allow the oil to circulate evenly throughout the engine.

Allow the engine to cool down before double-checking the oil level.

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